Who is JM Pepper?


Someone who loves sharing information!

 JM Pepper (aka DrPepper) translated one of his favorite jobs of teaching college into JMPepper.Com, an online resource center for beginning entrepenuers.   His favorite career accomplishment was placement into the inaugural entries into the LSU-Shreveport Circle of Excellence.


Kathi Pepper's Partner


 Kathi Pepper is passionate about her business.  She has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and has conducted over 2500 in-home shows for women over a 20 year span.  Six years ago our busiess expanded by adding a full retail boutique.

There is no doubt selling our products is fun, but keep in mind it is also a business. Many party systems and boutique stores, of any sort not just our genre', often neglect the actual training to reap the most profit from effectively managing your inventory. 


A GoDaddy Community Founder and Mentor

You'll find JM Pepper out in the GoDaddy Community regularly.  He's hosted and used GoDaddy services over 12 years.  He knows his way around!  Checkout his profile.

We are looking forward to sharing our experience and business resources with you!

May We Extend An Invitation?

Like many of you we started from scratch.


We've had our own in-home based business for over 20 years and opened a small, boutique style retail store in 2012.  Many people have asked us how we do this and how we do that.  In order to share our resources, skills, and experience with you we created this classroom.

Join Us On Our Journey!

 As we organize, modernize, and stylize our information and tools, please accept some pre-registration gifts!  We expect to have full courses ready by very early spring.  However, there's no need to wait to get started.  Enroll now for free and we'll share course materials with you as we integrate them into our classes. 

Let Us Share Our Experience and Resources

We don't build sites or businesses for you.  We're here to do it with you and develop your tool kit!

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